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build awareness, discern, and act with intention

My calling is to create nourishing space that helps people activate their inner light and bring to life their deepest desires that will set the world on fire.


About Andria Seneviratne

Hello! I'm Andria

Welcome. I am grateful for your presence here.

You may be here because you're feeling stuck or uncertain. Maybe you're burned out and struggling to live an intentionally balanced life while operating in inequitable systems. Perhaps you love what you're doing, but something feels off. Or you're seeking clarity about your purpose in order to be a more transformative leader / human.

As a professional coach, my role is to help you navigate through these questions and create a courageous space for you to imagine and create a life / career that aligns with your values and calling. Together, we will work towards building awareness of narratives that have kept you stuck, name the systems in which you operate, and define your values, so that you can see where you have choice and act on that.

Let's travel to this unexplored place together,


Picture of Andria Seneviratne outside.


Individual Coaching

Are you seeking accompaniment as you navigate uncertain terrain? As a professional coach, I help you explore your inner voice and build awareness of the narratives, systems, and values. Together, we will work towards designing a life lived with intention and purpose.


Team Retreats

Do you want to connect and build deeper relationships with your team? Do you want to understand what drives your team, individually and as a group in order to accomplish your bold goals? Let's work together to improve your communication and deepen your connection.


Are there specific topics that your team is interested in exploring? Are you interested in aligning your strategy with your organization's vision, mission, and values? Let's partner together to find the right engagement that supports your organization.

Calm Lake

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