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Andria Seneviratne -
Professional Coach and Facilitator

In my role, I have the privilege of accompanying people in the space of what is and what could be. My professional training and lived experience support me in creating courageous space for others.

How did I get here?


I spent most of my life being a high-achieving professional in fast-paced organizations. However, after suffering from several bouts of burnout and resulting health challenges, I set out to live my life with a greater sense of interior freedom and purpose. In this journey, I centered the questions "who am I?" and "who am I called to become?" I wanted to lead and live my life from a place of renewal and authenticity rather than from a place of exhaustion and scarcity.


This painful, yet transformative discovery process led me to:

  • understand the places of dissonance in my personal and professional life,

  • become aware of where I was living in and out of integrity to my values,

  • learn to trust my intuition again and listen to the still, small voice,

  • honor and nurture all intelligence (mind, body, heart, spirit),

  • discover my calling and purpose, anchored in being and doing,

  • find community and deepen relationships with other living beings.

My internal work sparked a passion to help others live a more fulfilling and sustainable life in line with who they are called to become - as leaders, parents, friends, siblings, colleagues, etc.

I take an open-hearted approach to coaching so that you have the space to process and an authentic witness to your experience. My coaching is influenced by somatic, trauma-aware, and meditation practices as well as Ignatian Spirituality. Through coaching, I help you tap into and integrate all parts of yourself and your experience.

My genuine hope for you is this: that you build a life full of abundance, renewal, and love. That your life is spacious enough to hold the complexities, nuances, joys, and sorrows that will come your way. And that you do it all surrounded by a community that loves you so that you can share your gifts and talents freely knowing that there is replenishment waiting on the other end.

Picture of Andria Seneviratne outside.


Before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey, I was:

  • Director at FSG, a mission driven consulting firm, where I advised and coached corporate, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders on their social impact strategies;

  • D.C. Regional Coordinator of Contemplative Leaders in Action, where I facilitated a leadership development curriculum;

  • Program Director at ProInspire, a nonprofit focused on activating social impact leaders, where I led a Fellowship program to develop emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector;

  • Senior Vice President at City First Enterprises, a nonprofit social innovation arm of a community bank in D.C., where I built and led a program to respond to the wealth gap in the D.C. region;

  • Consultant at Deloitte & Touche, where I advised corporate leaders on their governance strategies.

In addition to my career experience and lived experience, my practice is informed by the Co-Active Training Institute (Coach Training Core Curriculum), The Embody Lab (Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate), Contemplative Leaders in Action (Ignatian Spirituality), Annie E. Casey (Results-Based Facilitation), ProInsipre (Management Fellow), StartingBloc (Social Innovation Fellow), and The Aspen Institute (Socrates Program).

I strongly believe that both individual and systems-level (e.g., team, org, policy) change is needed in order for us thrive in this life. So I continue to offer both coaching and facilitation support for individuals and organizations.

Outside of coaching and facilitating, I am nourished by yoga, long walks, Taize prayer, meditation, time in community, and enjoying ordinary moments.

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