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My Coaching and Consulting Services


As a professional coach, I accompany people as they identify and live into the type of leader that they want to be. Sessions may include supporting individuals to find their inner voice, build awareness of the narratives that have kept them stuck, support them in navigating challenging systems, and define and live into their values. As a result, people see where they have choice and agency and act on that, and dream of a different way of being in this world - to live intentionally, authentically, and with purpose. You set the topic and goals you want to achieve during our engagement.


As a career coach, I help individuals identify their strengths, skills, and values, and use that information to create a fulfilling career path. Whether you're looking to make a change or seeking to advance in your current position, I can help you clarify your goals and take steps towards achieving them.


Team retreats provide the perfect opportunity for teams to build and deepen relationships while working towards shared goals. I work with clients to create customized retreats. For instance, retreats that are designed to promote collaboration and communication, helping teams to break down barriers and establish stronger connections that will benefit the team in the long run. I offer a range of activities tailored to the needs of your team, so you can be sure that you're getting the most out of your retreat.


As an experienced facilitator, I help teams build a more inclusive and collaborative work environment. After conducting a needs assessment, I work with organizations to create one-off tailored workshops for pressing issues they face today.


As an experienced strategy consultant, I help organizations with strategic planning, program development, market analysis, staff engagement, and partnership development. My previous clients have included corporate social responsibility units, philanthropic organizations, and nonprofit organizations. My subject matter expertise include equitable economic systems and heath equity.


I work with foundations and nonprofits to create learning collaboratives to help deepen learning and action within organizations. This can include creating a learning agenda, developing a curriculum, technical assistance to organizations, and/or 1:1 coaching.

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